Prep Your Next Food Plots With The GroundHog Max This Spring



Simplify your life. The GroundHog Max is here to make plowing easier.

  • Are you the only one plowing? No problem, it’s now a one man job.
  • Using an ATV and a UTV? It works with both.
  • Planting in hard to reach areas? If your ATV can reach it, the GroundHog Max can plow it.


An ATV accessory, the GroundHog Max is made for one person projects. At just 69 pounds, it is one of the lightest weight ploughs and ATV farm accessories. You can hook it up yourself, mounting it directly under your ATV or UTV.

The GroundHog Max operates between three and seven mph and can even handle plowing in reverse. Though it is just half the width of more traditional plows, it is actually twice as fast. The smaller size also makes it much easier to transport from one plot to another. The GroundHog Max is available at Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's.



Are you plowing a spot that is hard to get to? If your ATV can maneuver to it, your GroundHog Max can plow it. In fact, the small size works to its advantage, letting it fit into tight areas that bigger plows can’t handle.

The GroundHog Max has a universal design that works well with either ATVs or UTVs. This innovative construction means it is flexible enough to work with whatever machine you have.


The GroundHog Max makes short work of food plots. But it is also the perfect accessory for creating firebreaks, which are required in many areas of the country. That’s not all. Hunters know it is helpful for duck hunting season. Use it when landscaping your property. It also does a thorough job of weed control. 


The GroundHog Max is made by Bad Dawg Accessories. We offer a full line of ATV accessories. Our products have a reputation for quality, durability and craftsmanship. Many of our accessories for ATV and UTV are made right at our company headquarters in Batesville, Arkansas.

For the GroundHog Max, GroundHog Max accessories as well as other products from Bad Dawg Accessories, visit

Others items in our ATV accessories catalog are made by top of the line partners, vetted for quality and all leaders in the ATV and UTV after market industry. All of our products are backed by a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Support is available through the network of Bad Dawg dealers throughout the country.

Spring planting for your food plot is here. Choose the GroundHog Max for plowing that is easier and faster, that lets you make use of any spot on your property.



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