Top UTV Hunting Accessories This Season

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Bad Dawg Accessories | Hunting | September 26, 2018

The top UTV accessories for this hunting season consist of a wide variety of different items. Most are needed to enhance safety or create additional convenience while out on the field.  Hunting in and of itself is generally a dangerous sport, so it would be very wise for hunters to only use the best quality UTV accessories when out in the field, that won't give out on them when they need it the most.

Check out our list of the top UTV hunting accessories indicated below.

Items such as a helmet and goggles is an important accessory to have. In fact, Some state and local laws require them and ATV's when driving UTV vehicle. This is for your safety and protection should you get into an accident. Although the helmet provides more safety when hunting than the goggles, the goggles are important with respect to protecting your eyes from various elements - particularly during the cold or winter months.

A camouflage kit and gear is also a good choice to not only keep you warm during your UTV ride but to use your clothing as a camouflage during the ride in the all-terrain vehicles just as it is for any other form of hunting. 

Should you need to transport your you TV by using your pick up truck, a good sturdy loading ramp would be a great sweet to have. To properly load your sporting vehicle into your truck.

A strong sturdy winch is of great necessity if you find that you need to pull your UTV from a very tough location. Or if you have a large buck in the field and need to transport it back with your UTV trailer, you will find that a winch is 100% necessary for pulling the trailer. It's also important if your utility vehicle get stuck in the mud that is too deep to remove without one.

Other necessary accessories consist of a spotlight which is needed since most hunters are out during the early mornings or late in the evening when there's little to no sunlight. 

A rear rack and cargo bag is critical for bringing along extra items that you will find useful while out in the field. Including extra snacks or clothing, baiting, binoculars or other items "extra" items.

Other top hunting accessories include a tire repair kit. It's pretty obvious why this accessory is needed. The UTV add-ons for hunting include a canvas / soft top roof and a concours top case color panel among other things.

The Bad Dawg has been responsible for making American made UTV accessories, all of which have been tested for durability and superior quality by Bad Dawg. Some of the best side-by-side accessories are made at the Arkansas headquarters in Batesville. For the best UTV accessories made in the USA, visit